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You know I love a good color block! This shoot was a part of my color series. The point of the color series is for me is to focus on one color at a time so I can learn all its complexities and not be afraid to use more of it! Basically, putting myself really far out of my little happy box. A color I always tended to steer from was red. Its bold, bright and kind of in your face. so when paired with other colors it definitely becomes the diva and center of attention in the group! however, what I really enjoyed about red is when its used alone and you play into its bold color you can create such a statement! I paired it with pink (because duh, it was Valentines day!) and I loved the way it turned out! I wasn’t able to find a dress that fit the vision, so I created one out of tulle right on Amber, which was a first and super fun. And you wouldn’t be able to tell from the amazing editing skills of Lauren, but this was shot in my office at home with pink paper taped to the walls! It was such a fun time to do something totally different and much bolder than I am comfortable with and I couldn’t have done it with my amazing team! I will be sharing these images for the rest of forever, probably right around valentines day. ;)

Photographer // Lauren Miles Photo

Makeup // Christina Braun

Model // Amber Rose Nicotra

Design, Dress, Styling + Florals // For The Love of Floral